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The Kickstarter Campaign


The film became a reality with your support. Our Kickstarter campaign was a great success because of your pledges. We cannot thank you enough for your support! You made it happen!



Our Kickstarter campaign is now live and will run until 16th April. Our goal is to raise a minimum of £20,000.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where people come together to make creative projects happen. When you back our project, you’ll be part of the journey to make the film happen. We’ve chosen Kickstarter because it is set up to help filmmakers like Devlin reach out to people like you and we ourselves enjoy supporting Kickstarter projects.

Here’s how it works: We set a funding goal. You make a pledge. You will choose a level of donation that suits you and in return there will be some fabulous rewards.

When we reach our goal, your pledge will be processed by Kickstarter, and we can get to work. You'll then be a valuable part of the project and we'll keep in touch with you about our progress. And of course to give you your reward. If we do not reach our goal, you will not be charged for your pledge. It’s all or nothing. Please help us make it an all!


Devlin is very fortunate to have help and support from many people, including those who worked on the original Quadrophenia film. They will work with us to raise awareness of the project.

Backers will have the opportunity to come and see editing previews and be invited to the premier.

The percentage breakdown: cast and crew: 25% production expenses: 50% equipment: 5% kickstarter’s commission and rewards: 20%

If we reach our target within the fundraising period we'll have stretch goals. These will be £2000 towards colour grading and adding extra post production effects. £5000 will buy an animated title sequence and an animated scene for the conclusion of the film. If we are lucky enough to get there with your help we will be offering extra exciting rewards.


Pledges to the Kickstarter campaign will be rewarded with prizes that will be detailed on our Kickstarter page. Here are a few examples of what you might expect to receive:

Devlin Crow original artwork
Credits in the film
Invitation to the premier
Be an extra for the day
Signed autographs from the actors
Watching one of the scenes of the film being shot
Lunch on one of the days of the shoot
Your own mod clothing/bike being featured in the film

I have always had an affinity with Quadrophenia due to growing up in Brighton and remembering the Mod gathering and scooters then. My youth and view of Brighton is fused with the film and the Mod scene.”

Devlin Crow

“The outsider element at the core of the film focuses on young carers who battle caring for love ones, the dynamics of parent and child is upturned causing strain. Their efforts go unnoticed by the larger society”

Devlin Crow

Our Supporters